Old Whaling Co | Bamboo + Teak

Old Whaling Co | Bamboo + Teak

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This light unisex fragrance is a clean woodsy blend.

Bars of Bamboo + Teak soap. Hand cut to 1 1/8in thick and vary slightly between 5-5.5oz.
This is our version of a lava soap bar for everyone who prefers a scrubby soap. We make it with an exfoliating, fine grain pumice powder which also gives the soap a beautiful gray hue. It feels like a fine grit sandpaper when you use the bar directly on your skin.
All bars leave skin feeling clean, soft, and moisturized. Safe + lovely to use head to toe.

They will come individually wrapped to maintain the integrity of the bar + fragrance.

Keep in mind bar soap will last much longer if kept dry between uses. It's helpful to place on a soap dish or on a clean hand towel <which is what I do> between uses.

Palm Oil Free

Materials: olive oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, pumice powder, distilled water, lye
Made in America